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APRIL 2009

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Bachelard’s theory of time: Missing link between science and art    1-9
     HASHIZUME Keiko
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

An Aspect of Undoing Aesthetics: On W. Welsch’s Aesthetics of Sport    11-21
     HIGUCHI Satoshi
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Augustine on the Aesthetics of Ambivalence   23-32
     HIKASA Katsushi
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Le probleme du style et de l’historicité dans l’étude de Merleau-Ponty sur la peinture   33-43
     KAWASE Tomoyuki
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Transmission of Creativity: An Essay on the Aesthetics of Henri Bergson   45-57
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Friedrich Schlegel and the Idea of Fragment: A Contribution to Romantic Aesthetics   59-68
     OTABE Tanehisa
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Herder’s Theory of Common Sense: The Birth of the Concept of Synesthesia   69-81
     SUGIYAMA Takashi
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Imagination et analogie chez Bergson : la logique de l’intuition   83-95
     TAKI Ichiro
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Die Redlichkeit des Künstlers in Nietzsches Gedankentum   97-109
     YAMAMOTO Keiko
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

The Art Competitions in the Modern Olympic Games: Rethinking the Boundary Problem between Art and Sport   111-120
     YOSHIDA Hiroshi
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Is logical analysis adaptable for art criticism?: A comparison between Russell and Fry   121-130
     KANAME Mariko
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Dürer and Sesshū as Spiritual History: Godness and Emptiness   131-140
     ŌHASHI Ryōsuke
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Le parfum et le signe : à propos du Genji-kô-no-zu   141-151
     IWASAKI Yoko
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Reclusion and Poetry: reconsidering Kamo no Chomei’s Hojoki and Hosshinshu   153-166
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Consideration of the theatrical concepts at the Bauhaus: Schreyer, Gropius and Schlemmer   167-178
     AOKI Kanae
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Another Solution to the Polyhedron in Durer’s Melencolia: A Visual Demonstration of the Delian Problem   179-194
     ISHIZU Hideko
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Le domaine de l’image : la particularité d’Yves Tanguy au surréalisme   195-205
     NAGAO Takashi
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Zwei Schriftbilder von Paul Klee aus dem Jahre 1921: «Schriftbild aus dem Hohen Lied “Er küsse mich mit seines Mundes Kuss” (Fassungen I und II)» im Zusammenhang mit der von Klees Vater, Hans Klee, nachgedichteten “Biblischen Poesie in deutschmetrischer Fassung: Das Hohe Lied”    207-219
     NODA Yubii
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

The Evangelists of the Maiestas domini in the Parma Gospel Book, Biblioteca Palatina di Parma, MS gr. 5   221-233
     SAKURAI Yuriko
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

The Founding of Bunriha Kenchiku Kai: “Art” and “Expression” in Early Japanese Architectural Circle, 1888-1920   235-248
     AMANAI Daiki
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Koga Harue’s Sea (1929) and “Soluble Fish”: Proletarian Art, Max Ernst, Bauhaus and the Volte-Face of Machine Aesthetics   249-267
     NAGATA Ken’ichi
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

Chouhou by Yokoyama Taikan and “Expression”: Expressions of the character’s emotion in His Art   269-282
     UEDA Sayoko
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

A look at some original paintings by Yoshitaki: Development from the late Edo period to the Meiji period   283-296
     YAMAMOTO Sumiko
       [Abstract] [Text(PDF)]

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